Guild Wars 2 weekend!

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I haven’t done anything at all this weekend. I’ve been playing Guild Wars. It was awesome. I have to give it to Arenanet for keeping up with the massive number of players. Asides from some issue with login servers on Saturday (which I wisely used that time to eat and shower, like a proper human,) everything ran smoothy. They were able to fix the lag issue by Sunday which I didn’t expect. My biggest issue with the beta event was how they handle ‘overflow’, which occurred when too many players were in the map, the game would send anyone into another instance of the map (like channels in GW1) but the problem was that you couldn’t pick which channel you wanted to be in, which making finding your friends or anyone you want to play with impossible. I hope this will not be the case for official launch. Because that would render the game almost unplayable.

Needless to say, I like Guild Wars 2 so far, there’s no question that I’ll be playing once the game launches (since I already bought it!) But I supposed I didn’t handle this ‘beta event’ too well:

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