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This is How You Die: The Machine of Death 2. An illustration!

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Last year I got an opportunity to do an illustration for a story featured in (then titled) Machine of Death 2, the sequel anthology about a machine that predicts how a person will die from just a sample of their blood. The book was well received and it was pretty entertaining to read about how people went crazy from the vague clue about how they’d die.

This is the illustration I did for the story “216“, written by Marleigh Norton (@marleigh).
Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 4.56.10 AM

My thought process was pretty simple: putting all the elements that stood out in the story into the illustration. The number was a bit of a problem because I wasn’t sure if I should just use it right out or be more subtle. But I think in the end, I was happy to sacrifice subtlety for clarity. Having the number featured prominently served the story better

On the technical side, this was done with ink on paper; the actual size was 9×12″, with a final touched up in photoshop.

The thumbnails:

Fun fact: Malki actually picked the first thumbnail (the one with the characters running away from the number), but due to an *cough* error in communication I ended up doing the one you see now instead.

Order This is How You Die.

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