Ink colors fun!

ok, I have been up for about 20 hours now, bahahahahhaa. I’ve been testing Dr. ph. Martin’s color inks, I really like working with it, probably more than cg now. This was first time I did ‘proper’ coloring this way, they are still just (not so) quicky tests tho.

Lone Wolf
Tried with black solid line.

sweet wolf
With brown line, looks like old school shoujo illustrations @_@

Bad Wolf Coming
I like this one the best, I started with very faint brown line, which eventually got covered and become as if there is no line, yum.

need more practice!

(if you are wondering why there’s papermark on these, I used scrap papers I’ve been hoarding keeping, gotta use them up!)

2 thoughts on “Ink colors fun!

  1. venglish

    I consider myself an artist as well. As a writer and poet I know how others critique and nit-pick. What am I getting at is that I am not her to judge or look at this behind a glass. I just wanted to say that these pictures are Dope. I will be looking for more -_-


    I admire the great work you do! You're very, very tallented. I hope to see more of your work in the future appearing in North America.M.

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