Illustration - Eros & Anteros

Eros & Anteros (with WIP)

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Illustration - Eros & Anteros

Eros and Anteros, you might not be familiar with Anteros (spellchecker ain’t, haha). He was given to Eros as a playmate *snigger* and basically a copy of Eros himself. I haven’t done full-blown CG for a while. The reason? I’m very slow when it comes to CG, and often not happy enough with the result. Perhaps I just need more practice, but I also want to finish a lot of comics. So I’d be happy if I can finish one cg every couple of months T_T

A bunch of WIPs
It started with this:
eros old
It just sat there for ages and I can’t bring myself to finish it.

I was coerced (read: kicked in the butt) by my friend to finish this piece, because it was nice concept, so I decided to give it another try, might as well give it a new go, from the start:
eros wip #1
a few hours later, getting there:
eros wip #2
Started on the faces, probably what took most of the times *polish polish polish* :
eros wip #3
eros wip #4
Time for the rest of the bodies:
eros wip #5
Wings details (day 3):
eros wip #6
Various other details that I really dreaded doing:
eros wip #7
I almost called this done at one point, but figured since I have come this far…:
eros wip #8

It was pretty hard to decide when to call it done, I kept going on and on and on with wings and the ground until I realized it looked quite the same zoomed out, I had a tendency to over-polishing the unseen details, need to work off that habit.

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