Walled City of Kowloon

is my new muse.

I always love abandoned places, be it factory or hospital or amusement park. I have a lot of photo of those places in my HD. But abandoned cities hold the special place in my heart, I love looking at them, I love reading about them, I love everything about them, and love to use them in my comics, San Sabian was born from my obsession with Gunkanjima. Because of this, I knew most of the well-known abandoned cities, Prypiat (of Chernobly fame), Gunkanjima, Centralia, etc.

But not the Kowloon Walled City.

Kowloon walled city aerial view

Thanks to this blog article via Digg. This blog had just earned a honorary position in my rss feed lists XD

Maybe the different of this city compare to other abandoned cities is that the ruin itself no longer exists. The city was demolished in 1993 and in its place is now a park.

quote from wiki:

…the Walled City began to grow. Square buildings folded up into one another as thousands of modifications were made, virtually none by architects or engineers, until the entire City became monolithic. Labyrinthine corridors ran through the City, some former streets (at the ground level, and often clogged up with refuse), and some running through upper floors, through and between buildings. The streets were illuminated by fluorescent lights, as sunlight rarely reached the lower levels.

It’s survival horror heaven.

The outside view of it is nothing new to me, you can find plenty of this kinda buildings in Thailand. But the gems are (were? since it no longer exists XD) inside. The narrowed street, the stair between the buildings, the wires, the pipes. It sparked my imagination like no other things do, and I’m not the only one affected by it. :)

money shot from wiki

These little images are from this site

My favorite inside shot.

For more photo (much much more) check out this forum, there’s also a book, but.. 85$ @_@, a shaky video of the city (from 1990, skip to 6:00 for the inside of city).

2 thoughts on “Walled City of Kowloon

  1. Kayay

    It's awesome, not as a place to live but as a setting for an urban,crime, or sci fi story. I wish the book was cheaper and/or there was a documentary.

  2. chris

    I am impressed with the density of this city. I've only heard about this place for 3 days now, and I'm tryng to get as much inside info and pictures as possible. I reseached the rel life locations from a video game I have always loved called Shenmue 2, and Kowloon Walled City is used in the game, I was shocked to find this out. I didn't know at first, but what really fascinates me is the amount of passages and alleys inside this area where no Police would enter (cool, but frightening at the same time), or being able to walk around the whole complex by roof top alone as the buildings were so close together you could jump the narrow gaps unless the building was joined to it anyway. How I would love to explore such a place. The fact that a European person would never be seen again once inside unless floating out dead in the gutter is also a dissapointing fact, but why should I feel down about this knowing it's demolision was over a decade ago? Maybe it's because I'm so interested that even if in some way time travel existed, I still wouldn't be able to go in an explore it freely. I guess I'm going to get hold of the books out there, but I get the feeling even these books won't deliver the real feel of the place, even YouTube is limited to one lone video of inside footage, just 1! The clip from bloodsport is better than that bag shaking madness, although it gave a good impression of the size in the amount of time it takes to walk through the place where around 40,000 people are inside, and no it doesn't even take 5 minutes to walk through it. Plus the echoing through the corridors are creepy, the sounds play a relavent part in the clip just as the picture does.

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